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The taste of your favorite snacks can take you back to your childhood. It never hurts to reminisce about the days when you could eat whatever you liked and gained nothing more than some memorable experiences. With Mumchies, it’s time to bring you down memory lane and reminisce the good old days - minus the junk and enriched with wholesome ingredients!


Mumchies started with a single-minded pursuit to offer healthy and super delicious, traditional yet contemporary sweets and namkeens. The recipes are all from our mom’s kitchen -incredibly yummy, (naturally) flavorful and almost divine!


With no preservatives and no artificial additives, every ingredient used in our products is the finest one. No compromise what-so-ever! You’ll love the nostalgic nibbles..

and.... we are giggly for a good 24 hours everytime someone tells us that our snacks remind them of their childhood! 


Well and truly, Yum by Mum

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